New Year, Fresh Start.

2020 is coming to a close, leaving us all with much to reflect on. This year has posed challenge after challenge, and students around the world have had to adapt from in-class learning to online classes to hybrid models and back again, oftentimes without much notice. Parents have had to run businesses, work full-time schedules, and with no spare time somehow squeeze in teaching their own children.

We recognize that in addition to trying to find time to help your students, sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with the material. Let’s be honest, how many of us really remember every detail of high school calculus and AP Physics?

Let’s help your child start the year off fresh with the help they need.

At Tutit, our expert tutors are available on demand 24/7 to help your students work through any problems they may have, giving you peace of mind (and maybe a few minutes of actual peace!).

Step 1

Download the App

Once your child’s account is set up, a tutor can be accessed anytime in as little as 3 taps.

Step 2

Purchase Credits

With credits on their account, all your child needs to worry about is getting the help they need. Purchase one of our packages to get them started!

10 minutes: $12
30 minutes: $34
60 minutes: $56

Step 3

Kick back and relax

You’ve given your child a fresh start for the new year, contributed to their education and given yourself some peace of mind!

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