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10 Beloved Coffee Shops of College Students Across America

by | Oct 10, 2017 | coffee

10 Beloved Coffee Shops of College Students Across America

Oct 10, 2017

Everyone loves coffee. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, the United States alone spends $40 billion dollars on coffee every year. Some of the most notorious coffee drinkers, however, are college students. With a diet consisting mainly of cafeteria food and ramen noodles, college students everywhere are constantly seeking out the best hole-in-the-wall coffee shops to indulge in some delicious caffeinated beverages and bringing these little establishments great fame in the process. So, if you’re a fellow college student or just a coffee enthusiast, keep reading to discover 10 of the most beloved coffee shops of college students across America.


1. Kafein:

School: Northwestern University
This collegial hangout serves dessert-like coffee drinks in vintage-style surrounds.

2. Aromas Coffeehouse Bakeshop & Cafe:

School: College of William and Mary
Only one block off the heart of Colonial Williamsburg, this coffee shop allows for the busy students of William and Mary to enjoy both delicious coffee and sight-see at the same time.

3. Caffe Reggio:

School: New York University
Brewing coffee since 1927, this landmark café provides the students of NYU with a vintage coffee-drinking atmosphere.

4. AlleyCat Coffee House:

School: Colorado State
One of the rare coffee shops opens 24 hours a day, this chill coffee and tea spot earned its buzz for sandwiches, breakfasts, and free Wi-Fi.

5. Mudhouse Coffee:

School: University of Virginia
Right on the historic downtown mall, this local mini-chain is one of the perfect places to people watch amid local art.

6. Soma Coffee House and Juice Bar:

School: Indiana University
A Bloomington classic, this hipster coffee bar serves everything from PB&J smoothies to plain old coffee.

7. Dose Coffee & Tea:

School: Vanderbilt University
Located less than a mile from Vanderbilt, this cozy coffee spot run by two former and current baristas has won the hearts of many college students and Nashville natives.

8. Indie Coffee:

School: University of Wisconsin
This unique breakfast and lunch coffee shop offers all-day waffles, Wisconsin microbrews, and free events. Even better, a percentage of their proceeds go to supporting indie film and music in Madison.

9. Volta Coffee, Tea & Chocolate:

School: University of Florida
Although this café may lie a bit on the pricier side, their whole leaf teas from remote mountains, blue velvet cupcakes, and egg art will not disappoint.

10. Walker’s Coffee Shop and Pub:

School: University of Georgia
A staple for all UGA students, this low-key café by day selling coffee, pastries, and sandwiches turns into a hopping bar by night serving beer and cocktails.

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