Knowledge is the Key

There are many barriers which prevent students from doing their homework. Lack of time, lack of understanding, lack of help or simply lack of interest. As parents, it’s inevitable that at some point we’ll be called in to assist, and oftentimes the very same factors which prevent them from getting the work done stops us from being the best help. Why not call for some backup?

At Tútit we give your student that time, that help, that understanding; and the ability to not just survive their classes but thrive in those classes. Our tutors are on demand 24/7 to make sure their questions aren’t just answered, but that they understand how those answers were obtained. We provide knowledge and understanding for our students, and we empower parents to get the best help for their kids.

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App Features

Simple Navigation

Simple navigation for a more efficient learning experience.


Streamlined to get you access to a tutor in the subject you require.

Request Past Tutors

Favorite and request specific tutors you’ve worked with in the past.

Communication Options

Text, voice, photo-uploading and whiteboard capabilities.

Saved Sessions

Sessions saved and easily accessed for future review and study.

Payment Methods

Upload payment methods to allow for quick and easy access to tutoring.

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