Why online tutoring?
Several studies have shown that online tutoring improves learning outcomes, particularly when the platform mimics in-person tutoring. This gives students the opportunity to not only get the correct answers, but provide detailed explanations on how those answers are achieved, providing a better educational experience overall.

  • 67% of students regularly use mobile devices for help with homework
  • 90% of students who use a one-on-one tutor report better grades and homework completion
Why Tútit?
Our app allows you to get the help you need from your smartphone or tablet. You will text, talk, upload images of problems and utilize the whiteboard simultaneously, thereby creating a seamless experience. Available tutors will respond to your request within sixty seconds!
How much does it cost?
99 cents per minute. Students will only be charged for the minutes they use the app, with a 5-minute minimum per session.
Are the tutors qualified?
Tutors are screened and must be qualified in the subject(s) that they tutor. Tutor ratings are routinely reviewed and any tutor that falls below our minimum acceptable standards are removed from the app.

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