Why   ?

Our app allows you to get the help you need from your smartphone or tablet. You will text, talk, upload images of problems and utilize the whiteboard simultaneously, thereby creating a seamless experience. Available tutors will respond to your request within sixty seconds!

How much does it cost?

You will only pay for the minutes used in the app. Each session has a five-minute minimum. You will have the opportunity to rate the tutor at the end of each session. We have a dispute resolution in the event that your tutor was unable to assist you. 

Are the tutors qualified?

Tutor applicants are screened and must be qualified in the subject(s) that they tutor.  Tutor ratings are routinely reviewed and any tutor that falls below our minimum acceptable standards are removed from the app. 


Billing by the minute?

That is our model. You will be paid for the time the student works with you in the app. However, there is a five-minute minimum per session that each student is required to pay.

Is your student requesting a refund?

Just direct the student to customersupport@tutitapp.com and we will manage the request within 48 hours.

Can college, grad students, professors or qualified professionals sign up?

Yes!  In the tutors section click the green Get Started button and submit your information. Once approved, you will be ready to go!

When and how do I get paid?

We use Stripe for our payment transactions. You will be paid every Monday for the preceding work week. Tutors will be paid $35.64 per hour worked. Just add your banking information in the payment tab and follow the instructions displayed. Tutors are not considered employees and therefore responsible for their own taxes. Please consult your tax expert for advice.