About Tútit

Connecting Students with Tutors Anytime, Anywhere

High school students are assigned an average of 3.5 hours of homework every day. With busy schedules and extracurriculars, sometimes this homework gets tackled at odd hours of the night.

A Princeton Review poll reported 50% of students feel stressed out by homework, and 25% admit to regularly feeling anxious or “stuck”.

Tútit, an online tutoring app, offers assistance to these students on demand.

Tútit is an educational app designed to connect students with tutors. Developed in a University of Tampa dorm room one night in 2016 and acquired by LaunchLife in 2020, this unique app connects students with qualified tutors and assists with a variety of subjects. The app incorporates voice and digital chat capabilities, as well as interactive whiteboard functionality, and provides students with the assistance they need, anytime, anywhere.

With a network of hundreds of tutors and thousands of students, it’s quick and easy for struggling students to get the help they require. Qualified tutors in over 80 subjects not only provide the answers their students are looking for, but provide detailed explanations on how those answers are achieved, giving students a better educational experience overall.

How it Works


Download the app


Create an account


Select a subject for study and request a tutor


Chat with tutor via text or voice and work through problems together


After the session access the work as often as needed for additional reference

App Features

Simple Navigation

Simple navigation for a more efficient learning experience.


Streamlined to get you access to a tutor in the subject you require.

Request Past Tutors

Favorite and request specific tutors you’ve worked with in the past.

Communication Options

Text, voice, photo-uploading and whiteboard capabilities.

Saved Sessions

Sessions saved and easily accessed for future review and study.

Payment Methods

Upload payment methods to allow for quick and easy access to tutoring.

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