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5 Hacks to Quickly De-stress From School Right Now – Infographic

by | Apr 16, 2019 | test taking, tips

Happy #NationalStressAwarenessDay (and month)!

How many times have you gotten stressed today? Just once? Or maybe the school bell ending the day hasn’t even rung yet and you’ve been stressed 5 times already.

Everybody gets stressed and with the end of the school year approaching, stress levels are at an all-time high. A little stress has been proven to be good for you but when you have a million assignments due, finals coming up, constant stress can put a damper on your mood for days, if not weeks.

We all handle stress differently and require certain methods to release the tension. But when the school work is piling up and becoming demanding, quick hacks to beat stress are essential.

The following methods will help you fight stress, and quickly, so you can get back to your school work without freaking out:

***Please refer to below the infographic for further descriptions***

5 Hacks to Quickly De-stress from School

1. Concentrate on your breathing

1) Concentrate on your breathing

Take a second to slow down your breathing. Concentrate on slow inhales and exhales for 2 or more minutes. By pretending to act like you’re relaxed, you will actually start to become so!

2) Take a hike!

Exercise releases endorphins, the feel-good hormone that will turn that worried frown upside down! So, even if it is only for 10 minutes, take a walk around the block, through the hallways, or around your house!

3) Talk to yourself

No, you won’t be thought of as crazy! All you have to do to lower stress quickly is to talk to yourself (in your head or out loud) in the third person. Work through what is stressing you out and talk your way through the best methods to tackle it. Just talking to yourself for one minute has been proven to reduce stress!

How to de-stress from school work quickly in 15 minutes or less

4) Read something uplifting

Read anything that is light on the mind, distracts you for a second, and/or has an overall positive message to remind you to not think negatively while you are stressed! Reading in itself calms the body and the mind but choosing to read something that motivates you has the potential to really change your mood!

5) Jam to some music!

Music has the power to turn any mood around! It can transport you to an amazing space of happiness. So, put those headphones in or turn up the stereo and blast your favorite tunes to get yourself pumped and ready to tackle anything!

How to de-stress from school work quickly in 15 minutes or less

In summary, stress is never fun but we all feel it, no matter what our age is. Our educational journey especially is a rollercoaster of stress. The trick is to find quick ways to combat it so you can enjoy your days more and stress less about school.

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