With less than a month until AP testing commences, high school students around the U.S. are jumping into full prep mode. As they attempt to study and understand all the material they have learned leading up to now, the pressure has been turned up a notch. Knowing that a certain AP score may exempt students from certain classes in college is a major motivator behind taking these advanced courses. But how do you (or your child taking an AP) make sure you are prepared to ace your test(s) coming up in early May? Read below and get prepping:

Make a plan

Each AP test is unique. It’s crucial to take some time to understand the format of each exam and the timings in order to set yourself up for success. You or your student may excel more so in one subject versus another and if taking multiple AP tests. It is important to plan how you are going to approach each test and how you prep for it. Will you go to more review sections for one, buy a prep book for one but not for another, hire a tutor, etc. – these are all things to think about for AP success! Make a plan your student or yourself know you will still to and that makes sense for you.

Create a schedule

While making a plan deals with the overall coordination, creating a schedule narrows students focus on each exam individually. By creating a schedule on how and what you will study for each test every day, will allow for better preparedness, which is a huge driving factor to success. Outline each topic within each subject and create a schedule where one day you, for instance, will “study chapter 10” and the next you review the next chapter. By creating a schedule, you will know exactly what you have to study and when so you never miss an important topic that could be on your test!

Get a good test prep book!

Test prep books for the AP are more common than the amount of AP’s offered! Some are better than others of course, but what you or your student may prefer may differ from someone else taking the same exam! Check our your school or local library to borrow a free copy.

Practice with others in the class

Sometimes those who can help you the most are those going through the exact same thing! Being able to converse with fellow students allows for better flow of information and can help create comradery. Being able to work off of each other’s successes and weaknesses allow for a more well-rounded viewpoint on exam materials. If you can have another student help you, who understands the material and can relate well to you, it might be helpful to learn from them overlooking online or from a textbook!

Find a tutor

We know how difficult it can be to find a tutor that understands your struggles and can walk you through getting to a solution. tútit makes finding a tutor easier. All of our qualified tutors are just a button away and waiting to help you however you need. Whether it’s a quick five-minute problem that you can’t solve or a concept you need extra help with, they’re here to help you.