How to be a Bomb Intern

Jan 15, 2018

You’ve nailed it, soon you’ll be the new intern. During your next internship, you will have the chance to develop your skills in your prospective field, fill your resume with important job experience and learn some helpful tips from successful professionals. Internships have the potential to open up doors in the future, so it’s important to put your full effort into each and every day, even if you’re not being paid. Here at tutit we have compiled a list of 6 different ways to be a bomb intern:

Dress for Success:
You know the saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the one you have.” According to Kerry Schofield, a psychologist and chief psychometrics officer at Good.Co, “dressing and acting professionally not only gives a good impression and makes it clear that you’re willing to make an effort, it can be psychologically beneficial.” Feel great and do great at your new internship.

Ask for feedback:
Asking for feedback on a regular basis will express to your employer your initiative and proves to him or her that you are dedicated to the job you do. The feedback you receive in return will also help you to discover your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

Early is on time:
Especially on the first day, arrive early to work. Show your coworkers you value their time and express your dedication to the business by showing up to work early or right on time every day.

Handshakes are important:
No matter what you do, don’t ever pull the “dead fish,” (for those who are not familiar, a limp, weak handshake). Make a great first impression with a firm handshake and eye contact. Going in for a handshake when you first meet someone in the workplace shows that you are both professional and confident.

Be ready to take notes:
You never know when you’ll be randomly expected to complete a long list of tasks therefore make sure you’re always prepared with a pen and paper. Taking notes in a meeting expresses that you care about what is being said and are interested in the conversation.

Be flexible:
In a new workplace, you never know what is going to be asked of you. The new company you work for may do things completely different than you’re used to, so just make sure you are ready and willing to complete any task that is handed to you. “If you can learn to be adaptive, you’ll broaden your opportunities considerably,” says Schofield.

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