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The Biggest Mistake Students Make While Preparing for the AP Exams

by | Mar 7, 2019 | AP Prep, test taking, tips

Spring may be around the corner, but so are the AP exams! A cumulation of most, if not all, of the material you learned throughout the school year equates to hours and hours of studying. All students go through similar struggles, and likewise, they tend to make similar mistakes and usually, they all make one in particular. So, how can you avoid this mistake and stay a step ahead of the rest? We’ve got you covered! Read along to find out the biggest mistake you can make so you can avoid it and score high on your AP exam!


Many students go into AP exams with the thought that you can study for it as you would for any other exam. But, that is far from the truth! An AP exam covers a vast amount of information and your success is weighted against fellow students nationwide who are all fighting for those coveted college credits! The stakes are much higher than your average exam or even final. This is why procrastination is the biggest mistake that students make. In order to truly succeed with your AP exams, you need to remember a class worth of information and be able to intuitively recall all of it. 

We are all guilty of procrastinating from time to time (we wouldn’t be human if we weren’t). It normally starts when you feel overwhelmed by the tasks before you. AP exams are no exception. When studying, you have to rely on your memory to recall past chapters, concepts, and even equations. That’s a lot to take in – so how do you approach it? Don’t put it aside, face it head on!

Often students feel so overwhelmed that instead of tackling the problem right away, they put it off until they feel they have a plan to deal with it. In reality, this just allows the work to pile up to unmanageable levels, causing unnecessary stress that can be avoided. 

Dictionarystress that can be avoided.

Break it up into smaller and feasible parts!

Like we suggested, it is better to face it head on because the longer you put it off, the more overwhelming the work becomes. If you feel overwhelmed and are tempted to put it off until a “better time”, break the work into smaller and more feasible steps. As you see yourself slowly complete each part, it will give you a sense of confidence and next thing you know, you’ve tackled the whole thing! 

What else shouldn’t you put off? Tutoring! AP exams require special treatment because they can mean the possibilty of skipping general classes in college which can save you time and money! So they require special help, right? One hundred percent!

Like procrastinating with your studying, putting off the search for a tutor and claiming you’ll do it when you have time, probably means you won’t do it. Luckily, tútit brings the tutor to you! With a tutor at your fingertips, you don’t have to arrange a time to meet because our tutors are ready and waiting for you. No need to procrastinate, in fact, this is one easy thing you can check off your list! Doesn’t that feel great?