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5 Techniques You Can Apply to Immediately Become a Smarter Studier

by | May 16, 2019 | test taking, tips

APs, final projects, and exams, oh my!

The month of May is certainly not a fun month for most students. The school year begins to wrap up, which means final exams and projects are knocking at your back door!

Are you ready?

You already have everything you need for finals week and know the correct methods to de-stress when things become overwhelming. Plus, you have some incredible study tips! So, how do you get the most out of each study session? Or, how do you study smarter, not longer? Read on to find out!

1. Eat the right foods

5 Techniques You Can Apply Immediately to Become a Smarter Studier

Before, during, and after, eating the right kind of foods fuels your body with the necessary nutrients to improve your academic capabilities. For example, try to eat snacks that provide extra energy like dark chocolate or food that enhances blood flow and concentration rates like nuts.

Some excellent foods to pack for your next study session include:

2. Create a study schedule

5 Techniques You Can Apply Immediately to Become a Smarter Studier

When you have several classes to juggle alongside a million assignments and tests in each subject to finish, it becomes easy to lose track of everything you need to do. In order to stay organized, create a study schedule. This will tremendously improve the amount of studying you can achieve.

Follow the steps from our post on how to study effectively when you have multiple tests coming up or on the same day! The blog takes you step-by-step on how to get the most out of each study session!  

3. Set an end-goal for each study session  

5 Techniques You Can Apply Immediately to Become a Smarter Studier

It is crucial to set an end-goal for each of your study sessions. Try setting a goal that supports a bigger academic goal.

For example, say you have the intention to study everything you need to know for your English final by next Wednesday. One goal could be to read 30 pages in the novel that you’ll be tested on or to learn 40 more vocab words. By setting specific goals, your study sessions will become more productive, and you will feel more accomplished!

4. Get rid of distractions

5 Techniques You Can Apply Immediately to Become a Smarter Studier

Distractions are all around us in an infinite amount of shapes and sizes. The biggest, of course, are things like our phones, Netflix, our friends, etc..

As finals week nears and the amount of studying we have to complete increases exponentially, distractions become truly unwanted visitors! So how do you beat distractions? Follow the steps listed from our latest blog post!

5. Form a group!

5 Techniques You Can Apply Immediately to Become a Smarter Studier

There is no I in team, which is precisely how you should view your relationship with your classmates! Yes, it certainly feels good to get the highest grade in the class or to at least score higher than a friend, but don’t forget, your friends can be your biggest secret weapon!

Studying in a group setting is highly effective. Your group members will keep you accountable to show up, and you won’t bail because others people are counting on you. Plus, your group mates have listened to the same lessons, read the same books and completed the same homework. If you are confused on one part of the material, you can ask your study group but don’t forget to reciprocate!

By following the methods above to study smarter, not longer, we are confident you will become a pro studier just in time to crush your finals or any school assignment that comes your way. Now get ready, get set, study!